Before Radiohead released The Bends in 1995 and kicked off an unimpeachable run, there was 1993’s Pablo Honey.

Radiohead was On A Friday, a group of high school friends who rehearsed on Fridays, in the music room at their high school. On A Friday existed on and off through the latter half of the ’80s dependent on where and when the various members were away at university. By 1991, they started to go at it in earnest, garnered a label deal, and made a (label-mandated) choice to change their name, opting for the much, much better option of stealing the title of a latter day Talking Heads song. In the years leading up to all that, there were phases: an era without crazy musical genius Jonny Greenwood, an era with three saxophonists in the band. This was before Radiohead got into Charles Mingus and were writing “The National Anthem“-style avant freakouts.

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