I Might Be Wrong is the fifth track off of Amnesiac.


MOJO described the fifth track, I Might Be Wrong, as a "venomous guitar riff" over a "trance-like metallic beat"; Colin Greenwood's bassline was inspired by Chic bassist Bernard Edwards. The lyric "never look back" came from advice given to Yorke by his partner:

"Be proud of what you've done. Don't look back and just carry on like nothing's happened. Just let the bad stuff go."

Music Video

Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong

Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong

The music video for I Might Be Wrong was directed by Sophie Muller, and shows Thom and Jonny playing the song in a dimly-lit parking garage. It was also featured on The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time.


[Verse 1]
I might be wrong, I might be wrong
I could have sworn I saw a light coming on
I used to think, I used to think
There was no future left at all
I used to think

[Chorus 1]
Open up, begin again
Let's go down the waterfall
Think about the good times and never look back
Never look back

[Verse 2]
What would I do? What would I do?
If I did not have you?

[Chorus 2]
Open up, let me in
Let's go down the waterfall
Have ourselves a good time, it's nothing at all
It's nothing at all, nothing at all

Keep it moving
Keep it moving

[Instrumental Outro]